no im p sure these were legit at one point in time, this is the only art that has anna w/ designs on her shirt cuffs and thats what the face character has too

I totally forget Anna doesn’t have cuffs in the movie, wow. So maybe you’re right? But I don’t know. Anna’s face is so copy/paste to me. As someone who frankensteins images together a lot, I can almost pinpoint what parts of Rapunzel were used.

And still doesn’t answer they are using this uggo shit on merchandise, even if they are real. Like, I can understand using concept art and stock images. But early renders? That seems way lazy.

yeah no i hate these (especially elsa because it’s managed to last FOREVER) but i think they were real but the backgrounds were photoshopped on by someone else

im also pretty sure they’re real because honey’s old/’fake’ design was at the  bh6 comic con booth, and there’d be no time for them to purchase that

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okay but if we are actually getting another trailer on friday im gonna have to start asking people to tag visual spoilers (aka new footage outside of the main trailers - so tv spots and stuff)

we’re going to have seen the entire movie by september at this rate, christ

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New pic of yokai! (photo from instagram)


New pic of yokai!
(photo from instagram)

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Happy Birthday! @genirodriguez (x)

Happy Birthday! (x)

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you should love this kid for his expressions alone

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Anonymous inquired:

Wait the hd version is online? Where?


I found it on Facebook. It’s weird because I can’t see it when I go to the Big Hero 6 page, but it showed up on my news feed. It also says it was posted on the 25th, but obviously that’s not true.

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maddymadison inquired:

Heeey ! ^^ so I see you saw the last teaser of BH6 (before it was removed from the facebook page:() For god's sake tell me how it was ! what happened in these few seconds! (in france we have 7 months to wait for this movie so i'm dying)


(I’m doing this by memory so I’m sorry if I can’t remember most of it.) It starts off with Baymax saying Hello! I am Baymax and cuts off to Aunt Cass laughing I think? Then we see Baymax and Hiro making animals out of balloons and it cuts of again to Baymax saying he has some sort of power with his hands and Hiro saying, “Calm down, it was only an expression.” It then shows the BH6 logo and the movie date. It finally ends with Baymax carrying Hiro. I hope that helped! And awe, I’m sorry! Come visit America around November then~ :3

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y’all i just realized why professor callaghan’s name sounded so familiar

remember this douchebag from legally blonde?


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